This program is an extension of FOSH and all members acknowledge adherence to the FOSH Sound Principles

I hereby apply for participation in the FOSH Gaited Journey program in the division that I acknowledge below:
Check Mark_sm JUNIOR: $20 total until the year of turning 18. Junior Rider ~ persons who have not reached an 18th birthday as of January 1st of a new calendar year. Youth may continue to participate in the program in the juvenile division for the calendar year based on their age on January 1st of that same year.
Check Mark_sm ADULT/AMATEUR: $15 Annually (January 1 - December 31). An amateur is a person who has reached his or her 18th birthday by January 1st of the program year and who, after the 18th birthday, does not engage in any activities that would cause him or her to be considered a professional horseman. Such activities include the acceptance of payment in cash, good, or other forms of remuneration for the training of horses; the riding of horses for others; the preparation of horses for exhibition; the giving of lessons to those outside the immediate family for payment or remuneration of some sort; the acceptance of payment in either cash or some other form of remuneration for catch riding; the giving of clinics for payment either in cash or for remuneration of some kind. If these activities are engaged in, even on a part time basis, the individual is considered to be a professional. The defining line is the acceptance of payment of some sort for the training or riding of horses or the training of riders. Boarding horses or standing a stud at public service does not constitute a violation of amateur status for this FOSH program. Working in a maintenance capacity at a facility, where the training or riding of horses is not part of the scope of reimbursed employment does not violate the amateur status. The occasional sale of horses does not constitute a violation of the amateur status. The writing of books or articles on general equine subjects not related specifically to training of the horse or improvement of riders, does not constitute a violation of the amateur status. Serving as a DQP or Judge does not in itself constitute a violation of amateur status.
Check Mark_sm PROFESSIONAL: $15 Annually (January 1 - December 31) Individuals are considered professionals if after their 18th birthday they are engaged in buying, selling, dealing or in hiring out of horses as a occupation or accept remuneration of any sort for the following activities: employment in connection with the training, riding, preparation of horses at a public training barn, academy, boarding stable, or show; for activities including exercising, schooling, riding, driving, or giving instructions or clinics in riding or training of horses; for riding or showing in hand, under saddle or in harness any horse that another person pays to board or train outside of immediate family members; for employment as a trainer or primary rider for horses at a private facility; for the use of his or her name or photograph as an endorsement for any article which is to be sold to the public, using his or her status as a horseman as a basis for the sale; the production and/or sale of any written material, videotape or audio tape in which the individual advises others how to train horse, improve riding or prepare horses for competition.
I am a member of FOSH in good standing.
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