Join FOSH In This Groundbreaking Personal Recognition Program... Prepare To Be Amazed Where Your Journey Takes You!
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Any horse(s) used in the Journey program must be gaited. There are no restrictions as to number of gaited horses, age, registration type or ownership. For more information, enrollment forms, and log book forms, visit Facebook followers can find us under FOSH GAITED JOURNEY and you can follow on twitter too: @FoshJourney.


Upon enrollment, you will receive the FOSH GAITED JOURNEY patch. For Adult Amateurs and Youth, recognition will be given for 100, 250, 500 & 1,000 hours in each category and every additional 1,000 hours thereafter. For Professionals, recognition will be given for 500, 1,000, and 2,000 hours in each category and every 2,000 hours thereafter. At the end of each calendar year, your unused hours in each category maybe applied to your next consecutive membership year as you continue to amass hours towards milestones in your JOURNEY.
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There are two categories for participation and growth. FOSH encourages involvement in both areas of the JOURNEY, but you may participate in and receive acknowledgements in one or both categories.

Recognition of hours will be applied into two separate categories: Saddle Time & Educational Time. If you participate in both categories, anytime your hours in each category total a 1,000 hour increment (Youth & Amateur: 500 hours in both categories, 500 + 500 = 1,000) (Professionals: 1,000 hours in both categories, 1,000 + 1,000 = 2,000), you will receive special recognition for your extraordinary dedication and achievement towards a “Pinnacle” award. Each additional set of combined 1,000 & 2,000 hours, respectively, will be recognized identifying your level and combined hours as you travel on your JOURNEY, “mastering” your personal equestrian knowledge and skills and achieving balance between education and implementation.

Category Number 1

Check Mark_sm Pleasure: Arena riding, dressage fundamentals, trail rides, condition rides, Ride America, Scavenger Rides, Public Demonstrations, Field Trials, riding in clinic, Mounted Posse, Poker Rides, etc.

Check Mark_sm Competition - Judged Events: Competitive Trail Rides, Trail Trials, Limited Distance, Endurance, Shows, Dressage Tests, Gymkhana, Barrel Racing, Jumper, Hunter, Cross Country, Eventing, Three Phase, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Mounted Archery, Reining, Pole Bending, Driving, Natural Horsemanship Competition, Vaulting, Equi-theater, etc.
Category Number 2

Check Mark_smContinuing Education: Clinic attendee, Clinic auditor, online equestrian education, equine seminars, webinars, books, DVDs, book reports, DVD reports, written articles, published articles, etc.,

Check Mark_smApplied Education - Application of learned skills: Groundwork, agility training, trick training, public demonstrations, volunteering & volunteer activities, Judging, maintaining trails, examining for breed, speeches, demonstrations, wounded warriors, equine massage, equine health & maintenance, bare foot trimming, grooming & tacking up, stretching the horse before & after riding or groundwork, cleaning tack, etc.

NOTE: If you are interested in recognition for an area not covered in this listing, please submit a request and the Journey Committee will review it for inclusion into the program. Your suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.